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Text To Speech Online

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Text To Speech Online API and APP, CloudPronouncer, is used both by developers throughh REST API and also other users through online APP. In fact, CloudPronouncer is a natural text to speech online converter using your typed text to convert it in a natural voice of a male or female. It uses 109 virtually created voices (standard and premium) in 20 languages including locales. These voices are created with artificial intelligence on cloud infrastructure.
Our Text To Speech Narator, CloudPronouncer, accepts as input both plain text or SSML text which is a text marked with tags similar to HTML tags into improve the result in a way that sounds more human.
You can try our 7 days FREE TRIAL (no cards required, no fees, no catches) and if you are satisfied you may pay for paid packages at 80 USD/month or 816 USD/year (included a discount of 15%).
*VAT tax may be applied in function of your country and/or if you are a taxable person or company.


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